About Us

PT. Global Retailindo Pratama

Who we are

Since its establishment in 2002, the Mini Mart has reached maturity in running the business. It employs nearly 1500 employees and is supported by distribution centers, to the present Mini Mart developed in several counties and cities on the island of Bali, and in 2017 began to spread in some islands in Indonesia.

Mini Mart has a vision and mission “Being a network of modern retail that emphasizes customer satisfaction, innovative and able to compete globally” are gradually getting closer to reality with the motto “Modern, Cozy & Satisfied” is the basis and foundation for management in making strategic decisions in the company’s development, supported by operational activities, management of human resources through continuous training process, supported by the development of modern technology, application efficiency and make services as an important foundation towards customer satisfaction.

Mini Mart various facilities offered in the payment process also makes Mini Mart as consumer choice in shopping, with over a thousand transactions per month throughout the store Mini Mart.

The Store

Mini Mart facilities that can be used for various activities, bleak relaxing place to hang out, have coffee with friends or companions and can be found some fresh products such as fresh fruit and vegetables daily at several Mini Mart stores.

Distribution Center

The distribution center is located at Jl. Nyang – nyang Sari No.7A Tuban. Mini Mart distribution system aided with modern technology and supported human resources who are experts in their fields, thus simplifying distribution services to the entire store Mini Mart on the island of Bali.

Learning Center

Committed to developing employees’s soft skills and technical skills, complete with comfortable classrooms, and computer labs. Mini Mart realizes SDM is an important asset of the company, the development of the company and the company’s future.

Company Legal and Certification

Mini Mart continually improve the quality of business by acquiring Certifications ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System from TUV SUD, in July, 2016.

Data permit of PT. Global Retailindo Pratama:
No Tanda Daftar Perusahaan (TDP): | SIUP: 3623/22-08/BPPT/SIUP-M/VI/2015 | NPWP: 02.787.271.2-904.000
SITU: 660 TAHUN 2009 | Employee: 950 person | Outlet: 183 outlets

Address: Jl. Nyang Nyang Sari No.7A Tuban Kuta